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Gigi's Massage Education and Training

Gigi J. Decker, NCTMB, BA was the owner and founder of A Sensitive Touch, 1999-2022. She has been performing Professional Massage Therapy since 1986 and is trained in a variety of techniques including Connective Tissue Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy, KinesioTaping, Oncology Massage, Lymphatic techniques (D'Ambrogio & Vodder style Manual Lymphatic Drainage), Esalen, Swedish, Deep Tissue techniques, Pre-Natal massage, and techniques specifically for headaches, neckaches, and backaches. She combines these techniques with her background as a student athletic trainer, a physical therapy aide, and her BA in Holistic Health Studies in order to create a truly unique massage experience that focuses on the body's tissues. Gigi has been an instructor for two different massage therapy schools in the Twin Cities. She is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and is an Active, Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, and the S4OM (Society for Oncology Massage). For a curriculum vitae (including CEU hours), click here

Utilized Techniques


Gigi works with fascia, the connective tissue of the body which has very unique properties. It is both fibrous and semi-liquid, and both very strong yet very responsive. To see a short video of what live fascia under magnification looks like, click HERE (note: whereas you will see live tissue, there is no blood or other queasy-making body parts visible).

Deep Tissue / Connective Tissue

Deep tissue massage works the fascia and deeper muscles to release tension in the body, usually chronic tension. To make this relatively non-painful, it is done with slow, gentle strokes and concentrated pressure on the tense area to passively stretch and loosen tissues. Deep tissue massage can result in soreness for a day or two following the massage. For more information about fascia and Connective Tissue Massage, please see

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is organ specific fascial release. Whereas this sounds deep, it is very gentle work and can be done through clothing, but has profound effects. This technique releases adhesions between layers of fascia in and around organs of the abdomen, thorax and pelvis. These adhesions, which can be from infection, injury, gravity, or surgery, can often lead to biomechanical restrictions which affect movement and function in the body. Releasing the biomechanical restrictions can improve posture, flexibility, and function. To read a brief article on this technique, click here.

CranioSacral Therapy

This very gentle technique addresses the fascia and restrictions that can surround the brain and spinal cord, thereby affecting the entire central nervous system. It is a wonderful complement to the Visceral Manipulation and the other fascial work I do. It is especially helpful for headaches, migraines, back pain, disc pain. I think it is also very helpful for when you just feel run-down or frantic, as all my clients who have tried it leave with an overwhelming sense of relaxed calm. For more information about CranioSacral, you can click here.

Neural Manipulation

Although this may sound like Chiropractic, it is VERY different. This is another gentle, manual technique developed by Dr. Jean Pierre Barral (like the Visceral Manipulation) which uses gentle palpation to feel for irritated individual nerves. Irritated nerves often send signals to muscles, skin, and blood vessels to contract and immobilize an area; they also send a pain signal to force you to rest an area. Gentle movements of the soft-tissues around the nerves can help them "slide and glide" better, and often relieve swelling, which can turn off pain and spasming relatively quickly. For more information about Neural Manipulation, click here.

Concussion Protocol

This protocol is based on a recent study by the Upledger Institute that found helpful results with a combination of CranioSacral techniques, Visceral Manipulation, and Neural Manipulation techniques. In addition to doing these techniques on you, I will also teach you several things you can do at home to help yourself. Recommended frequency is 10 sessions done as close together as can be scheduled. My personal preference is to wait at least 6 weeks post-injury. For more information, click here.

Oncology Massage

Gigi was trained in 2016 (but has been studying the research since 2008); this massage is safe for patients who are either undergoing or who have had radiation, chemotherapy, surgery.  A more thorough medical history is taken at the beginning of each session. Lighter pressures, alternate positioning, and more pillows are generally incorporated, making the client feel like they're floating on a fluffy cloud....  The protocols created by Tracy Walton & Associates are safe for other "medically fragile" patients as well.

Swedish/Esalen Massage

This is your rather "standard" massage with nice, relaxing benefits. Swedish massage relaxes muscles through pressure applied to the muscles and joints with soothing strokes returning blood to the heart. This increases oxygen flow and releases toxins built up in the muscles.

Trigger Point & Acupressure  

Trigger Point massage works the different muscles layers individually. The therapist works surface muscles, connective tissues and deeper ligaments. This type of massage is similar to acupressure, where pressure is placed on certain points of the body.


KinesioTape is a special elasticized tape that is especially good a reducing inflammation in an area, and also triggering a neuroreflexive effect (by decompressing pressure sensors in the skin) that "tricks" the brain into softening muscle spasms and decreasing pain. For more information about the technique in general, please see Also, if you've been KinesioTaped and I forgot to give you the care instructions, click here for a copy. I became a Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner in March of 2010 but am no longer considered "certified", although I teach casual classes for the lay-person through surrounding community education programs.


Here's some of what's been said about my work:

"Worth a million bucks!" J.H.

"Regularly educational!" C.T.

"For the first time in probably 2 years I don't have a knot in my back. THANKS! I feel 5 years younger". T.D.

"It is unbelievable how much better I actually feel - like a Godsend really". K.R.

"Just want to let you know that I experienced a lot of pain relief to right lower back and hip after yesterday's session.  So grateful!" - J.S.

"Thanks for the CS [CranioSacral] session! My neck is feeling better and moving with less restriction. My mind is not as muddled. I hope you continue taking CS training!" - J.M.

"You found spots that hurt I didn't know I had". W.D., C.T., B.R., S.D., D.G., S.K., etc.

"Gigi, I wanted to let you know that the massage techniques you've shown me have really helped my son. He's complaining less of his neck hurting, along with severity. We're finally working out those knots in his neck.  He actually went to bed tonight without ice on his neck- first time in over a year. He also went to a friend's cabin that had very stiff beds. My son came home "crying out" for a massage. I gave him a full back, neck, and arm and he was so relieved. He's already asked when can he come back to see you :). Thank you so much and I've told several people about his positive turn-around. Not too mention a mom who knows she can help her child feel better.  -J.E."

"Worth the price of admission.  -B.M."